Traveling to Kovalam Beach, India

Kovalam Beach India

  • Destination, country: Kovalam Beach, India
  • Description: It's a perfect beach for anyone and it is one of the best beaches on this area. The Kovalam Beach welcomes visitors mostly from India but lately it has seen an increase on tourists from other continents as well. It has a unique-looking beach with a crystal blue sea and white sand. The best time to visit is the summer, of course!
  • What to do: Go to the beach and enjoy it as much as possible, visit surrounding cities and villages, have a cup of coffee by the sea, go surfing.
  • Accommodation: Kovalam hotels are usually affordable and can do for anyone. Cottages are very good, but you can also find detached houses or aparments, depending on your budget.


  1. Kovalam Beach is one of the terrific beaches in the India....But a very few knows about it...When i visited it last year in summers then i found that my decision to come here was right...I will suggest everyone to come here and feel the difference.

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  3. Kovalam beach is indeed one of the finest beaches in India. Had visited the place last year and had an amazing time.

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