Traveling to Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa Ukraine

  • City, country: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Description: One of the best cities to visit in this region! Odessa traveling has become extremely popular lately and is attracting thousands of visitors. This city has so many monuments, belonging to different periods and cultures. While you're there, you should also pay attention to Kiev, Ukraine's capital.
  • What to do: Visit the monuments and museums, have a cup of coffee on the local pubs, see the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, socialize with the locals.
  • Accommodation: Odessa hotels are very cheap. You can also find luxurious five-stars hotels but you can settle down with an affordable apartment too.


  1. Hey Thanks for the information..I love the post a lot..I am planning a visit with my family, and i will definitely visit Odessa...I just want to know how will be the weather of Odessa in the month of June and July??

  2. We recently visited Odessa on a short vacation. Before going I contacted in the Ukraine and was pleasantly surprised by the standard and quality of the guide and the tour. Our guide had sooo much knowledge that it was almost overwhelming. The car that was hired was clean and the driver was extremely professional. The company had worked with me getting the tour and price together before we arrived so all was done when we arrived. It gave us a really good feel about Odessa, understanding of the history, and wanting to return in the near future. Thank you for this service.

  3. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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  4. A beautiful city, I really liked it. I was in Kiev and Kharkov, but when I went to Odessa, I realized that this city is different from other cities of Ukraine. I bought a a guided tour It is a port city with an interesting history, so there you can find everything that you need.

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